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The Antwerp is a versatile and stylish bag designed for casual and business use. Handmade with the finest leather, it exudes class and sophistication. Its supple shape allows for easy storage in a travel bag due to the flexibility of the leather and its flat shape.

One of the notable features of the Antwerp is its different straps, which provide various ways to wear the bag. Whether you prefer a shoulder bag or a handheld option, the bag accommodates your preferences.

The Antwerp bag also comes with essential accessories, including:

The Venice bag: A practical shoulder bag that can be worn sportily with the leather strap or elegantly for festive occasions or evenings out using the gold chain. Without a strap, it can be conveniently used as a makeup bag.

The small wallet: A handy gadget for storing coins or medication separately, ensuring they are always easily accessible in your bag. It features a link that allows it to be connected as extra space to the Venice bag or various locations on the Antwerp bag itself.

The tray: An ideal gadget to take with you while traveling. This tray can be taken out of your bag whenever needed to store your keys, jewelry, or coins, preventing them from getting lost or scattered. It's especially useful in hotel rooms and can even be used in public restrooms when washing your hands to ensure you don't leave any valuable items behind.

With its graceful design and practical features, The Antwerp bag is an excellent choice for those seeking a combination of elegance and functionality.



Length: 32 cm

Width: 11 cm

Height: 27 cm

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