The name Zinia was born in 2020 when friends Anita and Zineb, two businesswomen, decided to create a handbag.

The purpose for this handbag was determined for the two women, it had to serve on different occasions.

So, creation began. They both agreed the bag had to be able serve both business and casual. The ladies realized that sometimes a handbag should be used for different occasions on the same day is it had to be portable for anyone who appreciates a functional handbag.

They began the process of the production by determine that quality and finish were at the top of the list.

Who is Zinia?

This resulted that the bag is a handmade product and made of the best calf leather. The handbag's quality leather they found at one of the finest leather manufacturers from Italy with experience in making handbags in Florence since 1875. The bag had to be functional in all aspects and you have to be able to travel around the world with it!

"It had to be portable for any woman who appreciate a functional bag"