Bring your dream shoe to life

Bring your dream shoe to life

Zinia's bespoke service provides an exceptional experience. Not only do you get to enjoy the creative process of designing your own shoes, after our skilled craftsmen bring your dream shoe to life you’ll also get to wear shoes that represent your style and individuality. Every pair is unique and exclusive, made just for you. We'll guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that every detail is tailored to your needs.


You can place a bespoke order in two ways:

Virtual appointment

We’ll contact you and guide you through the bespoke process, via an online video call.

Appointment in our showroom in Bree

Try on our different models on site and complete the bespoke process with one of our colleagues.


Bespoke process

Step 1: Measurements

At Zinia we understand the importance of comfortable and well-fitting shoes. That's why we guide you through the process of measuring your foot to determine the perfect size. We take into account various factors such as half sizes, calf circumference for boots, foot width, and more to ensure a flawless fit.


Step 2: Heel height and shape

So the design process begins. During this step you can choose your desired heel height, heel shape and silhouette. We will consider every detail to create a shoe that perfectly complements your style and meets your needs.


Step 3: Materials and colors

In the third stage we will offer you a wide range of luxurious materials and colors to choose from. This will allow your imagination to roam freely and give you the opportunity to unleash your creativity and select the perfect combination of materials and shades.


Step 4: It's all about the details

The fourth step provides the finishing touches to your shoe. Whether it's studs, crystals or ornaments, we have a diverse range of possibilities helping you to reach your vision.




Step 5: Delivery

Your shoe will be handcrafted to your wishes when all puzzle pieces have fallen into place. Each pair must meet Zinia’s exacting standards of quality and attention to detail. We will deliver your shoes as quickly as possible once they are ready.

Want to begin your journey towards your dream shoe?
Book your appointment now to experience true craftmanship and customization with Zinia’s bespoke shoe service.

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