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We are excited to announce our collaboration with Ann-Katrien, better known as ANKA.

ANKA, a popular Belgian influencer celebrated for her vibrant and colorful fashion and lifestyle posts.

With her sparkling personality and excellent sense of style, ANKA has built a large and dedicated following. Her stylish outfits, fashion trends, and inspiring tips encourage her followers to embrace their own unique style. We are excited to bring her vibrant style and joyful energy to our handbag collection.


And who better than artist Yentl Outlines to bring ANKA's personality to life? Yentl, a young artist with a deep passion for creativity, has been captivated by cartoons, animation, and drawing since childhood. "With every brushstroke and line, my imagination comes to life," she says, perfectly capturing the essence of her work. When these two vibrant women come together, the result is truly extraordinary.

An-katrien and Yentl embarked on a

creative journey to obtain the perfect

Anka front.


From the beginning, they

envisioned a colorful, playful, and slightly

quirky design, reflecting Anka's vibrant

spirit. At the heart of their design lies a

charming potato character, a nod to

Anka's well-known love for potatoes

among her followers.

What sets this Anka front apart is Yentl's

meticulous hand-drawn illustrations,

ensuring that each piece is truly one-of-

a-kind. This special touch adds a unique

and personal element to every bag,

making it a cherished accessory for

anyone who appreciates creativity and


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